• Project genesis

    The project was born from the conviction of Alain Suguenot, the President of the Agglomeration Community of Beaune, Côte & Sud and the Deputy Mayor of Beaune, to start revitalisation of the RN6 as a new dynamic development around lieu-dit Bel-Air. One day, Gérard Roy, the vice-president of Rural Development of the Agglomeration Community of Beaune, Côte & Sud and, at the same time, responsible for this mission of development, would meet Jacques Le Disez. That is how the project of Vintage Bel Air® was born. By giving away 30 hectares of Chaume de Bel-Air, the community of La Rochepot and its Mayor Jérôme Billard, made it possible for the project leaders to get hold of an exceptional venue. 

    One of the original and at the same time strong points of Vintage Bel Air®, is that it’s not just another regional land development project funded and managed privately but the one that is being developed in close cooperation and with the support of locally elected officials: the Community of La Rochepot, the Community of the Agglomeration of Beaune, Côte & Sud, the Department of Côte d’Or in Burgundy region as well as different state and local government services, in particular the sub-prefecture of Beaune. Vintage Bel Air® is expected to play an executive role in the N6 revitalisation and, one day, it will become a great tourist attraction of the region. 

  • Who are we?

    It’s a private project that has reunited the shareholders of various statuses and backgrounds mainly from the region. These personalities, businessmen and individuals with various skills have brought a fresh and vibrant dimension to this project.

Our values


Vintage Bel Air®, a treasure trove of memories, will cultivate the past with a lot of precision and passion to guarantee that its visitors will experience only true emotions.


Vintage Bel Air® is a tourist leisure park of a new and unique kind in Europe


Vintage Bel Air® is designed to please its visitors. Humour, fun and childish attitude will be ubiquitous.


Vintage Bel Air® is led by professionals. Since the very beginning, the conception and the management of this project have been carried out with a very attentive approach towards the changing economic reality.


We engage ourselves to respect the park insertion and its environment, to meet the regulatory and safety obligations, to face the commitments made by elected officials to their people and all true lovers of the RN6.

  • Our ambition

    That all visitors of Vintage Bel Air® live in the present the experience of carefree years of the 50s – 70s.