• "Carelessness" of the 50s –70s

    The misery of the post-war years is finally moving away. The consumer societyis shaping up nicely and the atmosphere is therefore one of optimism. The colours are "flashy". They express the spirit of the time: cheerful, gregarious, willing and carefree. It’s "the golden age" for haute couture, the design with its rounded objects, the first food processors, the first Elvis’ hits, the waves of rock then pop music; not forgetting, of course, cars being without doubt the most representative emblem of these years! So many landmarks and images that bring back the memories of that period!The period full of life in which we used to appreciate the intensity of the present and to be confident in the future. 
    Light-hearted carelessness – the source of tender and generous nostalgia…

  • Passion for old cars

    In the 50s, car fever is sweeping through the planet. In the era of finally obtained freedom, everyone must own a sacred "auto", the queen of the city and the countryside. The economic boom of that epoch highly benefits from automobile sales. Being able to buy a car is a new priority and the main means for social recognition. Owning a car is an absolute dream vector and, during that period, the networks of roads including the famous Route Nationale 6 (RN 6), are organizing themselves to respond to the growing vehicular traffic. A dream that has turned into passion for more than 200 000 collectors of old cars in France; the passion that they share with hundreds of thousands of car lovers all over Europe.

  • Booming Vintage

    The current nostalgia has become a widely shared positive infatuation; actually, 46% of French people consider that "it was better before" favouring the years from the 50s to the 80s. It’s probably just an attempt to escape either from the burden of the present or already palpable fear of the future. Far-beyond all fashion trends, the infatuation with those happy years, real or imagined, is and will, for a long time, remain the cultural, sociological, even anthropological heritage of most Western societies and particularly of France. 
    Vintage period is the bearer of history and something that brings sense to our permanently changing epoch. It incarnates solid and reliable values. And what if cultivating vintage was, in fact, a recipe of a better living in the present?