park plan

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  • A genuine journey back in time

    Vintage Bel Air® will invite you to make a genuine journey back in the time of crazy charm. Here, the past hasn’t been reconstructed but retrieved. The objects, shapes, colours, sounds, clothes – everything is here, not frozen in time like in museums but alive, in motion, full of memories and history. 
    Vintage Bel Air® is a big amusing game where one can revive happy nostalgia for the good old days and realise today the dreams of yesterday. The key elements to seeing your dreams come true are authenticity and passion: each detail is like an invitation to an unforgettable journey into the new-found present. 

  • Offers & Services

    Vintage Bel Air® will offer about twenty permanent activities as well as temporary weekly events (concerts, expositions, nights of cinema, drive-in cinema, gatherings of collectors etc.) devoted to different topics. 
    Diverse services will also be provided: the possibility to organise vintage car "inaugurations", to dine at the snack-bar or restaurant and to make use of one of picnic areas. To finish, all visitors will be able to leave with a vintage souvenir as a reminder of the day or with some local products sold in the boutique. For those who wish to organise receptions and events, specially adapted facilities will be provided. 
    As for vintage car collectors, they will benefit from especially dedicated services like a garage specialised in repairs and restoration of old cars as well as some other services (for example, covered long-term parking spaces etc).

  • Amenities and scenography

    Vintage Bel Air® is a veritable invitation to hit the road, a recreational and enjoyable escape. Visitors are bound to fall under the charm of those happy years. On foot or by car, they will discover the environment totally saturated with the spirit of the 50s – 70s. Architecture, decorations, road facilities, cinema, advertising, music, automobiles – every single detail will match the epoch. 

  • RN6, a wide choice of entertainment
    Imagine, you are driving on the legendary new-found holiday route Nationale 6 with its famous yellow lines, authentic road signs and crossings, stopping at picnic areas, passing petrol stations, admiring landscapes ... It’s the RN6 itself that reveals its most hidden memories and invites visitors (both, drivers and pedestrians) to have a ride through the past; the past, sometimes imagined, idealised, funny and surprising but at the same time always elegant, magnificent and seductive. The site once finished will have plenty of surprises in store: the photos, film scenes, music and songs from that epoch all perfectly integrated.

  • On the holiday route
    A huge permanent indoor exposition " On the holiday route " is an extraordinary, full of fun setting dedicated to different themes like travelling, holidays and exciting adventures... It’s an indispensable all-times attraction suitable for all ages and all audiences.
    The landscape
    Different landscape developments will offer multiple viewpoints. The road has been already identified as a natural site where one can find various endemic plant species growing only on the mountain of Burgundy. 
    All facilities, settings and constructions have been developed to meet the main requirement for authenticity for visitors to be carried away by those happy times.
    It’s not just another place to visit but the place to relax and explore...