The life of the club


Private visit vehicles old

A member of the Vintage Bel Air Club proposed at all members a special visit about their vehicles old on the 17th of november.
About fifteen members had the chance to visit a collection of motorcycles, mopeds, cars, caravans, agricultural machines, trucks and other old vehicles. The whole of its collection counts more than 250 gray cards including only the vehicles in working order, not counting all the others awaiting restoration.

The particularity of this visit resided in the experience that each member experienced. Indeed, members do not have anything to look at, observe, as in museums, they have mostly had the chance to be able to touch, feel and listen ... A real journey through time through its many vehicles, Each their story.

Collection Privée Le Club Vintage Bel Air

Visite collection membre le club vintage bel air



After the visit, members gathered for lunch at the Auberge du Pont de Paris, at Aline and Dominique, members of the Vintage Bel Air® Club.