The life of the club


Complicit meeting with a moped enthusiast

During the last complicit meeting, Thursday, October 19, a member of the Vintage Club Bel Air® presented his professional activity and his passion, related to the old vehicles.

Franck is above all an enthusiast of old vehicles, especially mopeds of all makes. He has more than 70 to his credit. He does not stop at the vehicle, he likes to stage them as in garages of the time. Over the years, it has used accessories (chains, manuals, cans, lamps, etc.) as well as advertisements, signs, plaques, calendars and gas pumps of that time. He was able to tell us, as and when the visit, the history and anecdotes of these acquisitions, more surprising than the others.

And since 2010, Franck combines his passion with his work. Indeed, today it is one of the leading suppliers of vintage vehicle painting in France. The idea came naturally to him when he was looking to restore his own mopeds in search of painting faithful to the original model. He decided to start his own company for vintage vehicles under the name SPRIDO. This name was not chosen at random, SPRIDO-CELLA was a French brand known in the 1950s, specialist in vehicle paint. It is thanks to a meticulous work in partnership with museums and vehicle clubs of all brands, that the brand SPRIDO now has a wide range of vintage tints from the 1930s to today with around 4000 different hues. To better discover his professional activity, do not hesitate to visit his website: