"Le Club" is driven by the values of Vintage Bel Air® as well as by their own ones.


Vintage Bel Air®, a treasure trove of memories, will cultivate the past with a lot of precision and passion to guarantee that its visitors will experience only true emotions.


Vintage Bel Air® is a tourist leisure park of a new and unique kind in Europe


Vintage Bel Air® is designed to please its visitors. Humour, fun and childish attitude will be ubiquitous.


Vintage Bel Air® is led by professionals. Since the very beginning, the conception and the management of this project have been carried out with a very attentive approach towards the changing economic reality.


We engage ourselves to respect the park insertion and its environment, to meet the regulatory and safety obligations, to face the commitments made by elected officials to their people and all true lovers of the RN6.


"Le Club" Vintage Bel Air® offers its members the possibility to discuss and share their experiences, passions, jobs...


"Le Club" Vintage Bel Air® is a place to meet and socialise where the "everything-is-possible" state of spirit is in the air at every single event, meeting, meal...

"Le Club" organises all-year-round activities:

Member meetings

favouring peer-to-peer exchange of experiences, skills and contacts

Meetings with experts and celebrities

in order to deepen their knowledge about the music, design, fashion, automobiles and even the state of spirit and philosophy of those years.

One or two big annual events

open to partners, collaborators and member contacts.

Exceptional offers

to attend events,take part in exhibitions, subscribe to magazines…

A membership directory

to create or spread their network

Communication tools

to guarantee a visibility of every member’s activities

A VIP room access,

is for members only, the space of more than 300m2 with a private terrace

A VIP room booking

at a special rate

Special Park Vintage Bel Air® passes

for professional and personnal contacts


of all events at Vintage Bel-Air®